Introduction to Design and Crafts

Many people are interested in crafts and design. However, for a lot of people, these are just hobbies. Many people don’t devote their entire lives to design and crafts, even though this is the sort of thing that could really make them happy. Carving out a career in design and crafts is easier than a lot of people think, depending upon how they want to specialize and what they want to do while they’re studying at university.

Careers in Design and Crafts


The stereotype that it is not possible to carve out a career in design and crafts keeps a lot of people out of the profession, even though many people are very interested in design and crafts. Design in particular is a broad field that can have a great deal of opportunities. Many people who study design at university will specifically become graphic designers, interior designers, real state stagers, or webpage designers. These are all lucrative and fruitful careers that many people are going to be able to practice for years, and most of them are not going to be replaced technologically any time soon.

Some design graduates are going to work for their own real estate or design firms. Others will work at established firms. One way or another, there are lots of opportunities for creative designers. In an increasingly technological age, most designers are going to spend time at their computers working out their designs. However, they’re still applying their same creative talents to the task.

One of the great things about creative professions is that people are always going to want them to be fulfilled by other people. Even webpage design is not the sort of thing that is going to work very well when performed in an automated fashion. The human touch is essential in creative fields, and it won’t be replaced.

Even the people who are specifically interested in crafting are going to be able to find ways to make money off of it. Jewelers, craft manufacturers, and potters all started out as people going to art schools in order to learn the fine art of crafting. Naturally, these people are going to need to be good at business and self-promotion in order to really succeed in these fields, so it makes sense for people to study these skills as well. However, in the Information Age where lots of people sell their crafts online, it is getting easier and easier to succeed in the world of crafts.

Where can I study Design and Crafts in the UK? – Top Universities

People who are looking to study crafts and design in the United Kingdom should try to get into Falmouth University, Nottingham Trent University, University of Edinburgh, University of Leeds, Goldsmiths, University of London, Brunel University London, University of Reading, University of Glasgow, Loughborough University, or the Leeds College of Art. These are all fine institutions that have great craft and design programs, among other things. However, there are other great craft and design universities in the United Kingdom.